Emirali Music is proud to announce that July 2011 has seen the release of Yul Emir's second long anticipated studio album. The Emirali Inertia took an amazing six years to write, produce, arrange and mix and has been hailed as a work of genius by musicians, critics and pigeons alike.

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 Reviews of The Emirali Inertia

from the very excellent musicians and music fans from http://soundcloud.com/yul-emir

  • Wow. You got some great tracks . Great listening and inspiring stuff. Thanks."

  • " Where have you been all my life. big tune."

  • " I like this track because even though there is not conventional tempo it sounds like
    there is. To me, that means the trio has a cohesiveness that comes out of
    being of the same musical mind. I like this track a lot. Innovation drives the bus."

  • "Love those chords there and your sense of time!"

  • "Impressive work here...yes...exceptional....peace"

 Listen to and read reviews  of Yul Emir's astonishingly compelling 2004 album Keyboard Tuition at:


Buy the album in its entirety or each track separately for a tiny 79pence each from:


 Radio airplay

The ambassador of the best UK jazz Gordon Wedderburn has been the first to air tracks from The Emirali Inertia (31st November 2011)  on his inspiring show Jazz moods which can be heard on Generation Radio.
It will be repeated on Sunday 4th December at 1pm. Check him out!

Mark Ryan will be giving tunes from Keyboard Tuition, Yul Emir's 2004 album, a spin this Friday 13/01/2012 between 7pm - 12am.  Check out this truly groundbreaking show.


A staggering second week of airplay on Amazing Radio DAB Digital station for  Keyboard Tuition, Friday 20/01/2012  7pm - 12am courtesy of Emirali Music's new best mate Mark Ryan.  
The saga continues as third consecutive week of airplay on  DAB Digital Amazing Radio  for  Keyboard Tuition, Friday 27/01/2012  7pm - 12am courtesy of Emirali Music's new idol and god like figure Mark Ryan.
4th Consecutive week of airplay from Mark Ryan on his excellent Amazing Beats show Friday 03/02/2012
Mark Ryan has given Whose Next another airing on his excellent Amazing Beats show Friday 09/03/2012